Book I

Arrival at the Eleatic Temple

The temple sits at the end of a forested path, surrounded by towering trees. You made your way here after listening to one too many theological debates, unsatisfied by the aimless talk of gods and their expectations for man. It was an easy decision to make this journey, you set out when a forum poster opened your eyes to a greater context, one that subsumes all.

Now you stand before the Eleatic Temple. It is a substantial structure with large red double-doors, raised up on a foundation of grey bricks. Before it is a plain, wooden table with a stack of pamphlets. Two individuals sit at the table, eyeing you; they are dressed in comfortable robes and sandals, sipping from mugs of tea.

As you move closer, the two people stand and greet you.

Welcome to our temple. This site is dedicated to our philosophical project, a set of monist teachings known as the Eleatic Mystery School. We seek the broadest possible understanding of "what is" and explore the constitution of all things. We have printed a Welcome Guide for you to review; it briefly introduces core concepts and will assist you in avoiding confusion. Please take a copy and read over it before you enter.

The temple itself is only a small part of our complex. It contains a series of exhibits presented by our friends and family. We are also in the process of constructing a canteen; it is next to a small grove where we regularly gather for a bite to eat. Today we are serving lamb soup; we highly recommend stopping by for a bite. The price of the meal is conversation.

Whenever possible, let others know your thoughts. Conversation is often superior to lifeless words on a page. Perhaps one day you might develop your own contributions to our school of thought. We will arrange a room at the Guesthouse for you, too. There are other visitors there who would gladly join you on your journey and debate what has been seen.

As with anything in the human realm, there are some rules. Please dress in a conservative manner, and be sure to cover any exposed tattoos and remove excessive piercings. Refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming other intoxicants, except for when you are visiting the canteen or the grove. If you happen to feel unwell, please go visit our medical clinic.

We would also prefer that you drink tea instead of bean water. Please try to speak only Chinese or English, and please avoid spelling words like an American. When referencing historical examples, please try to focus on Hellenic and Chinese antiquity. Finally, please understand that we reject the confused standards of the current, dissolute era.

After listening to the welcome speech, you reach out and take a copy of the welcome guide.


  1. Enquire about the rules...
  2. Enquire about the welcome guide...
  3. Thank them and proceed to the temple...