Contours of Reality

You follow the man to the far side of the room, where he continues the tour. Looking over the exhibits, you see countless charts and diagrammes detailing the complex array of information. It is apparently an attempt to chart out reality as a series of dimensions with a near-endless multitude of discernible entities smeared throughout them.

As I was saying, the total list of things that we can perceive, and therefore must include, is immense. Insofar as we distinguish things, we necessarily employ a great range of descriptive terms. These terms have distinct meanings, and the way we string them all together appears to involve a ruleset of comprehensibility or logic. Per my previous remarks, all of these context-granting or framework-granting rules must be given their place in Being.

From our perspective, these dimensions may be thought of as constituting the contour of reality. The shape of reality defines what is possible; it imposes a sort of comprehension and order, which the myriad of particulars must obey. Whether the shape is the same throughout, or whether the curvature of Being may be different at different locations, is yet to be seen. Let each particular dimension or aspect of the overall shape be called a “plane of existence”, “field of existence”, “band of existence”, or any other term that may best accord with the natural sciences and our way of thinking.

Order is the concept that encompasses all these dimensions of "what-is", the set of limitations or codes that provide for all that is possible. Necessity is present throughout, smoothing away the rough edges of incoherence by ensuring there are no violations. As you have heard, Necessity is the guiding hand of our philosophy.

From our perspective, the most immediate plane of Order is that which is required for our awareness. Besides being subsumed by Being and Distinction, this dimension must also provide the rules that define our self-awareness and conscious activities. It must allow us to reach out and grasp every other aspect of reality in our minds eye; there is no tyranny of distance in this dimension. A great code must be provided for, detailing everything from non-contradiction to mathematical relationships.

This structure of Order is not enough to define our nature as humans, though. We still need spatial dimensions to define the shape of our bodies, provide a ruleset to define how we move, and all the other details required to define a human being. When we only had Being and Distinction, there was no clear and organised account of these things. Order provides the detailed framework for meaning, bringing us closer to the particulars and our ability to predict certain details about them; it is a permanent bulwark against a chaos that would otherwise consume all.

You may wish to hear more details about the structure of Being, and we are indeed always putting together new exhibits and forum threads. We've had some recent good news, too; a seemingly knowledgeable visitor has joined us and has agreed to set up an exhibit about Diodorus Cronus. Apparently that figure was famous in antiquity for his tricky arguments about possibility and motion, so we're excited to see what he comes up with. He is working closely with a team of ours that divides its time between exploring consciousness and the better known Eleatic paradoxes. You could go see what they've achieved so far.

You might also be wondering why I have not said anything about morality. Many people come here to discuss the difference between "good" and "evil". To do that, you must examine the dimension of Change, which is typically the next exhibit of the tour. The exhibit is run by another team of ours; I helped them craft the exhibit and taught them not to rely too heavily on claims about "infinity", but any genius is their own. However, they're all in a private meeting today, preparing for tomorrow's contests. I believe they have an introductory video playing for guests, though.

The man gestures towards the other rooms, but otherwise remains motionless. It appears you will take the next steps alone.


  1. Proceed to the exhibits on Change...
  2. Visit the team working on consciousness and popular paradoxes...
  3. See if you can't find the resident Diodorus enthusiast...