Tired, you make your way down a narrow, outdoor trail towards the Guesthouse. Once you arrive, you step inside the main building and approach the front desk. The clerk stands up and greets you.

Welcome to the Guesthouse, we were expecting you! We have your room ready, number 42. Here's the key, just head down the corridor to the right and follow the signs. It is always good to see another participant for tomorrow's events!

We've put you in the unaffiliated suites, they're somewhat spartan but they will certainly keep you warm and dry. If you let us know your philosophical beliefs and interests, we can try matching you with some of our other guests tomorrow.

Typically, we get groups of people who give us these details ahead of time. That way we can improve their experience. You could try tagging along with one of the groups if you like; although tomorrow things might be a tad hectic.

Don't feel that you need to get up early, though! Breakfast is served all the way into the early afternoon. Eggs with all the trimmings. Perfect way to start the day!

You take the key and thank the man, before heading off to find your room. As you go, you notice that a lively debate is being held in one of the conference rooms.


  1. Go watch the debate...
  2. Continue to your room...