Human Metaphysical Condition

You follow the man into the next room. It has a small fireplace, and the walls are decorated with pictures of people you do not immediately recognise.

As you can see, this room is a little different than the ones you've visited so far. There is something special about humanity, so I do my best to express that here.

Humans are located within the great system of Being. It follows from this that we are subject to a multitude of conditions. Some of these conditions seem like they may be affected by our efforts, and some are clearly inherent to the greater metaphysical framework. The inherent conditions are necessarily inescapable, given that they arise from that which encompasses and constitutes our world. These inescapable conditions also present us with a reason to rejoice, for they guarantee us eternal life, second chances, an ever-present path towards goodness, and the certainty of fulfillment.

In regards to eternal life, it results from the absence of any ontological creation and destruction. Absent some process by which existence may be extinguished, existence ultimately remains inviolate. Any fear of absolute dissolution may therefore be put to rest, for everything that "is" enjoys this type of permanence.

Yet, the brute fact of unchallenged existence does not answer practical questions about life and death. Our world is within the domain of Change - there are times when a human body is full of life, and times when it has breathed its last and is put to rest. To many, it is not immediately obvious that we will be reconstituted post-death or experience anything familiar ever again.

Regardless of what moment in time we examine, all the other potential moments exist inviolate for the reason given above. A potential moment is possible by definition. Given sufficient time, whatever is possible will happen. Therefore, as Change runs its course, there will again come a time when we are reconstituted just as we once were. For the potential of our birth never underwent ontological destruction, it remains for our eventual, relative return.

So not only are we free of ontological annihilation, but we are also guaranteed rebirth. This leads to the fact that we enjoy second chances. As the present approaches the past, every person will be reconstituted. That fact presents all of us with the chance to make different decisions.

Decisions present us with an opportunity to cleave to the Way and achieve happiness. Whenever a person is instantiated or otherwise capable of activity, that person may act in a way that best honours his direction and brings everything into a great harmony. The inexorable drive of the divinities compels us along, and we will make ourselves more like them and achieve accord with what ought to be.

This colours your relative experiences and makes ethics such an important consideration. For we may play our role well and ensure that the moments transpire in a positive fashion whenever possible. Yet perhaps this can be made clearer; a great deal of our work here at the temple is performed in the hopes that we may bring forth a more consistent and detailed presentation of the truth.


Continue listening patiently...