Classical Antiquity played host to a great intellectual struggle. Philosophers, possessed by the desire to know, engaged in free enquiry and developed an astounding array of positions. They formed schools and engaged each other in pure philosophical conversation. That same spirit grips our generation; we gather online to develop our beliefs and to clash like rams. Antiquity is born again, beautiful and new.

This particular text is part of that online struggle. It is the culmination of a project previously known by the titles Pseudo-Agesilaus and The Codex, which stemmed from discussions on the RPG Codex. That forum and gamer heritage is reflected in the author's effort to make the text clear and enjoyable. Any PC RPG Gamer should be able to understand this work regardless of their philosophical background, and they should feel at home exploring the world and meeting the non-player characters.

The text introduces readers to the Eleatic Mystery School. The name comes from two crucial sources of inspiration - the Eleatic and the Daoist Xuan Xue (aka Mystery School) philosophers. The text is primarily focused on metaphysics and morality. The author seeks to establish broad principles that provide context for any issue one might consider, and to secure an objective basis for a system of ethics.

The story begins with your arrival at the Eleatic Temple and ends with you retiring to the Guesthouse. I hope to expand the text into a second day and so on. For Version 8, the text is now presented as a website for the first time. A small update will include additional artwork, update the PDF to Ver 8, and ensure that Day 1 of the story is a well-rounded whole.

Man will never attain an absolute understanding of all existence, but there is a great distance to cover between total ignorance and knowledge. May this text bring us closer to knowledge, and in doing so expose the inferior teachings that clutter our online communities.

Journey Onwards...