Lamb Soup Canteen

You excuse yourself and proceed down the corridor towards the canteen. As you get nearer, you hear the chaotic sounds of people eating and chatting. You also detect the faint scent of food, causing your belly to rumble and your feet to pick up the pace.

The canteen is still partially under construction; it currently consists of a serving area and several tables and benches. A long sliding panel opens out to a grove. Several groups of people are gathered outside and appear to be enjoying the fresh air.

You queue up and grab a bowl of lamb soup, pour yourself a cup of tea, and find a seat. A nearby diner noisily slurps down the last of his meal before introducing himself to you.

You look hungry! Eat up, this stuff will hit the spot; the ingredients are all fresh from this morning. Constructing and expanding this temple takes up much of our time, but at least we get to enjoy some decent food, right?

I assume the guy in the entrance hall tired you out? He has a way of doing that to people, droning on about how literally everything exists. Then when you decide to push back, his brother comes in and rolls his eyes at you.

Honestly, if the "all is one" bloke wants to express the "omnipresence of existence", he should just stop talking. Omnipresence overflows all boundaries and distinctions. If he keeps trying to describe existence in particular terms he will invariably stray from the truth. For in describing it one way, he cuts some other way out of the picture.

If we wish to talk about everything, we ought to be silent. Don't you agree?

The man tops up your cup of tea from a nearby teapot. Before you can respond, you are interrupted by the drunken ramblings of a man several rows over. He is loudly giving an impromptu lecture to some of his friends.


  1. Smile politely and excuse yourself, before going to visit the grove...
  2. Agree with the man and ask how we ought to talk about a particulars...
  3. Thank the man for topping up your cup, but leave to go listen to the drunken lecture...