Scope of Mind

You make your way down some winding corridors before coming to the door of a small office. After you knock on the door, a soft voice invites you in.

Hello, are you looking for the exhibit on consciousness and the possibility of a divine or global mind? Of course you are. I have some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that there is such an exhibit, and it is very impressive! The bad news is that it's located in the future, so you'll have to wait until it's ready for you.

The lady laughs at her own cleverness, before continuing...

Thankfully, we have a visiting professor who has agreed to help me with this project. He focuses on motion and potentiality, so it seemed natural for him to also help me with my work. At least in regards to my efforts to describe our personal awareness of change and our sense of decision making. This is no small matter, for it is where we try to place our limited experience as living, changing things into an ontological system that is complete and absolute, and does not fundamentally favour one moment or thing over any other.

I'm not sure what I can tell you today, but I can at least share a few words. I can also offer you a copy of some notes I was working on before the visiting professor joined our team and our priorities shifted. I can also point you in the direction of the Guesthouse; hopefully you'll stay a while and stop by for a chat when things are more organised around here.

At any rate, I've been ruminating over the question of determinacy. I've decided to talk to you, but surely I could just as easily shut my mouth and ignore you. Perhaps you could even decide to just turn around and walk back out that door, regardless of whether I talk or remain silent. All these scenarios seem coherent and plausible, so why is one favoured over the others? Is it really favoured, are we really experiencing a favoured string of events and excluding or destroying the others, and what sort of decision-making role do we have in this process?

There are a few things we need to do before we tackle this issue. We have to remember Being in the sense of the Whole, and ensure we're abiding by the ontology you've heard of elsewhere and affirming that all moment exist. We must further appreciate the insight of Zeno and Diodorus, who revealed the challenges involved in divisibility, infinity, and motion as an ongoing rather than complete and perfect event. Only when we are confident about the context should we begin to paint the picture of life.

However, I doubt even that is enough context for me to start this project. We must decide where we are. For I cannot stop this flow of time, can I? If I am thinking of a particular moment, it is in the past or future. For I am in a distinct moment or place, thinking about the other moment that I am examining. For I am not pausing my awareness, the developments continue and the process must be taken as a Whole, and my awareness is not truly located at any particular moment but rather diffused throughout. Yet, some points seem closer or further away to me, they also feel like they are privileged when I push towards particular choices and experience things in an ordered sequence.

I suppose that privilege must be understood as a relative one, though, given the Whole. I both cannot deny the feeling of choice and sequence, and I cannot deny the perfection of Being. Maybe our team needs to make its own great leap forward if this temple is to succeed. The proponents of Being and Distinction have made Being invulnerable, and by pointing out that "isness" flows over all differences they have carved out a place for Distinction. Now we shall carve out our own place in the grand model, one of indeterminacy and self-expression.

Yes, we should be understood as a whole, isn't that what we do when we write biographies? Judging people and reviewing their choices and potential. So we must focus on that determining, living thread that runs through our whole - our awareness, that particular spark of love and hate married to reason. We don't need to wage war against the metaphysics of our situation, that's futile, I recognise that our story is complete. We know where we are, but we still need to focus on what we are, how our existence is expressed in the limited chronological sense. It won't be truly cyclical, because we are ultimatley diffused. Rather, it will be us, and every other thing constituting what-is, expressing itself eternally, and our expression is tied to this chronological process.

But maybe I am just offering you terrible poetry rather than philosophy. Perhaps the exhibit on Change would be a better place for you to visit. It is more general in nature, the attached exhibits are more focused on morality, but it more well established. Perhaps you will find some real answers over there. Or you could try dreaming about it at the Guesthouse, maybe a goddess will reveal the truth to you! I'll even provide some old notes relating to metaphysics to help put you to sleep.

The lady winks at you and smiles, before thanking you for your visit.


  1. Thank the person and head to the general exhibit on change...
  2. Review the copy of his old notes while retiring to the Guesthouse...